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Hottiie Bed For Guinea Pigs and Small Animals

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Hottie Beds are great for older or convalescing Fuzzies, and anyFur who needs an extra bit of comfort during the cold snap.

Our lovely Hottie Bed Set comes with two coordinating HeatPad Covers (to fit a 22cm HeatPad like a Snugglesafe - not included) and two removable Cushions, but if you just want the bed or maybe the bed and a couple of accessories just choose from the drop down menu :) P&P is free in the UK too!

Complete Hottie Bed Set Contents :

  • 1x Bed 29x25x18cm
  • 2x Heat Pad Covers
    (to fit 22cm Heat pad - not included)
  • 2x Removable Cushions

Just The Bed Please :

  • 1x Bed 29x25x18cm

+2 Cushions Contents :

  • 1x Bed 29x25x18cm
  • 2x Removable Cushions

+2 Heat Covers :

  • 1x Bed 29x25x18cm
  • 2x Heat Pad Covers
    (to fit 22cm Heat pad - not included)
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