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Welcome To Hammocky Hammocks
Happy Piggies! Cage Liners and Fleeces for Guinea Pigs

If you want to spoil your Pets and help out Rescues at the same time, you've come to the right place!

We make Gorgeous, Luxurious Pet Bedding for Small Animals including safe and budget friendly Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Rats, Hedgies and more ..

All this and we donate all our profits to Animal Rescues in the UK too ❤ ♥

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Looking forwards to 2016 ...

Firstly a thank you to all our customers for sticking with us throughout 2014! It has been hard work but we've had a successful year and thanks to all you lovely people many small animals in rescues throughout the UK have received a little bit extra this year, which makes all that hard work more than worth it. For more information on how we help and who we help, take a look at the links on the right hand side.

Finally, we'd like to make a small plea on behalf of the Rescues that we support.

Over the last few years we have watched helplessly as each Rescue Centre and Sanctuary has got busier and busier and now the situation has sadly got to the point where there really isn't room at the Inn any more.

It is heartbreaking for the people that run these centre's to think they might reach a point where they have to turn animals away. Nobody wants to turn animals away when they are in need, or put a healthy animal to sleep when their only crime is being homeless, but if something doesn't change AND SOON these fears might actually become a reality.

If you want to help stop this situation escalating then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think before you breed your animals.

If you genuinely care for these lovely creatures and feel you can help, then how about contacting your local Rescue or following one of the links on the right hand side, and offering a needy Furball the best gift ever - a forever home.

Rescues & Sanctuaries
We are able to help with your help

The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary

Wheek & Squeek
Guinea Pig Rescue


Little Brambles
Guinea Pig Rescue


Chin Up Sanctuary
(North Wales)

R&J Chinchilla Rescue

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